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In his classes at the University of Arkansas Dr. Maddox co-creates a space of learning with his students, and together they synthesize new ideas. This virtual space is a continuation of that spirit. Welcome to the discussion!

Friday Food for Thought

Jim shares examples from his own life.

Chatting about Change

Conversations with guests from all over the globe.

Friday Food for Thought

21,379 days

21,379 days

21,379 days.  Sunrises, sunsets, rainy days, days of bone chilling cold, hot, dry dusty days with a scorching sun.  Days spent living and working.  21,379 days.  That was the span of time of Greg Devlin’s life.  Fifty-eight years, 6 months,...

Writing your Eulogy

Writing your Eulogy

Who will talk?  What will they say?  What will be the stories they tell? Who will remember?  Soon after a person dies, family members or maybe a close friend or two will take some time to write down what to say at the funeral or memorial service. ...

Chatting About Change, latest episodes

Relationship Coaching and the Changing Landscape of Self-Development: Views from a “Mindful Matchmaker”

My guest this week is Suzanna Mathews, who is a dating & relationship coach and ‘mindful matchmaker.’  She helps individuals create mindset tools, social strategies, and digital tactics to help her clients elevate dating and deepen connection.  She shares how she brings business acumen to the building of healthy, meaningful relationships.  We talk about how having a relationship coach can be invaluable in helping personal growth, increasing self-awareness and developing greater fulfillment with meaningful connections.

Personality Inclusion in the Workplace and Conflict without Causalities: A Conversation with Dr. Nate Regier, Author, Consultant, and Owner of Next Element

This week, I am joined by Dr. Nate Regier, an author, consultant and public speaker and the Owner of Next Element, a global training and advisory firm specializing in leadership communication.  Nate helps people-focused leaders re-imagine compassion at work by implementing The Compassion Mindset Framework.  Nate shares his ideas around inclusion and particularly his focus on personality inclusion and what this means for organizations to grow and thrive.  His book, Conflict Without Casualties, is a great illustration of Nate’s passion around helping leaders and organizations, particularly how to manage conflict with different personality types, beyond the typical quick personality surveys we are all familiar with.  The following link will take you to his survey, the Personality Inclusive Workplace Survey, this is part of a large research project Nate is working on.  The link also takes you to some free workshops that Nate offers.

All Creativity is Change, but not all Change is Creative: A Conversation with an I/O Psychologist, Dr. Roni Reiter-Palmon

My guest for this episode is Dr. Roni Reitter-Palmon, who is the Director of the Industrial/Organizational Psychology Graduate program and Director of Innovation, Center for Collaboration Science at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.  She shares her research and consulting experience around creativity and innovation.  We discuss how all creativity is change, but not all change is creativity.  In helping organizations grow and improve, she shares her insights around the role of novelty and usefulness in creative problem solving.  With the level of unprecedented change and challenges facing our world, creativity and innovative thinking are needed more than ever.