Change strategist engaging individuals and organizations in positive transformation

Building fluid and high-performing organizations for the future 

Human-centered organizations

That are life-giving and affirming

Leaders who care

Healthy individuals growing healthy companies

An environment of mutual trust

Where organization members feel heard

The kinds of organizations we work with

Public sector

County and municipal governments turn to Jim when it’s time to craft a fresh strategy, develop leadership, build teamwork or retool an organization-wide vision with the input of all members. He facilitates connection and communication so public organizations can effectively work together to serve their communities.

Private sector

Jim brings his singular vision and approach to a broad range of industries including banking, insurance, manufacturing, faith-based organizations, colleges, retail, NGOs and property management.


International consulting is a special passion of Jim’s, and he has worked to craft effective change management strategies for non-profit hospitals in Bolivia, Ghana, Ecuador and other developing countries.

Dr. Jim Maddox

Known for his passion, humor and engaging style, Jim is not your typical business consultant. With over two decades of experience as an organizational development consultant and professor, he helps businesses of all sizes mindfully create their futures, working at the level of both the individual and the organization.

Chatting About Change, latest podcast episode

Guiding Change in Zoos and Conservation Organizations

My guest, Michael Clifford, combines a unique skill with his expertise in zoo science and organization development & change.  He currently serves as the Curator of Innovation and Partnerships for GLMV Architecture, a creative design firm and is also the Executive Director at Capacity Ministries.  We discuss how he leverages his passions and skills to guide zoos, conservation-type organizations and other unique organizations, to effectively manage change.  

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Five Forces of Cooperation

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