November 19, 2018

Life’s Wake-up Calls

It took two days in the cardiac unit of Mercy hospital, a heart cath, a compassionate talk with the cardiologist, and unconditional love from my fiancé to finally let go of something that was slowly going to kill me. Hanging onto grief, continuing to be mired in guilt and shame will eventually manifest itself in physical symptoms.

The weekend was a wake-up call for me to make some personal changes. It was not a surprise as to what I needed to let go of and move forward in life.  Letting go is not a single event but an ongoing process.  Life is a continual series of letting go of what no longer serves us.  It is about letting go of blame, guilt and anger.  The moment of letting go is really moments.  Life is filled with an never ending series of these moments.

Strength in Letting Go

We are repeatedly reminded of those elements of life (people, events, etc.) that we cannot control. I am realizing is there is strength in letting go.  I am finding power in being powerless.  There is freedom in not being in control.  And there is courage in being scared and not quitting.

As I reflect on the experience, I am reminded of the song, “Thank You” by Alanis Morissette.

The lyrics speak to this journey of letting go and being thankful for some of the parts of life that are the most painful and difficult.

This part of life and the art of letting go is also at the core of organizational life and organizational change.  Change and growth entails an ongoing process of letting go.  This letting go allows room for those new things that bring new possibilities to take root and bloom.

What are You Holding Onto?

What in your life and in your organization do you need to let go of?  Have you been holding onto relationships, strategies, roles, or approaches that are dysfunctional and no longer serve you or your organization?  What unhealthy habits are you and or your organization needing to let go of?

If you find yourself pondering similar questions around what you and or your organization need to let go of?  If so, connect with me here or find me on LinkedIn.  I would love to explore how you and or your organization can experience life to the fullest and engage in positive, transformative change.




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