December 9, 2018

 I recently spent a couple of days and nights in a historic, haunted hotel.  It is nice to get away for a few days to de-stress heading into the holiday season. We stay at the Crescent Hotel.  It is an elegant place that first opened in 1886.  The hotel rises high upon a wooded hill in the Ozarks.  The Crescent overlooks the quaint town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. We have made it a yearly tradition to spend a couple of days there during the holidays. 

Most interestingly, the Crescent has garnered the reputation of being the most haunted hotel in America.  The hotel has a rich history filled with colorful stories and lore. It always reminds me of a cross between Irvin Berlin’s Holiday Inn and Stephen King’s The Shining.   Where else can you stay in an elegant hotel that used to house a morgue?  People are drawn from far and wide to experience the mystery, the unknown, and the beautiful ambiance.  In fact, the evening ghost tours alway sell out.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”
― Rumi

Drawn to Possibilities

For these reasons, guests come from across the United States (and I’m sure internationally as well).  I visited with several couples who made the trip across the country just for the hotel.  It seems they are drawn to the supernatural and intrigue. Or perhaps the amazing day spa that is on the premises attracts the guests!  The beauty combined with the mystery is enticing.  It is certainly not your everyday nondescript run-of-the-mill lodging. Even more so, it is not one of those cookie-cutter big-box motel chains that dot the landscape.

Because of these traits, the Crescent has a certain appeal, a type of magnetic draw.  The hotel has ambiance and personality.  Consequently, there is something on a spiritual level contained in the walls.  Likewise, I believe we are drawn to that spiritual part of ourselves.  We are drawn to something unseen and to possibilities.  Experiences out of the ordinary are exciting and energizing.

Spiritual Connections

When you think about your life, what are you drawn to?  Are you seeking spiritual connections?  Where do you find adventure and a sense of possibilities?  What is your organization yearning for?  Are people drawn to your organization from far and wide for something unique you offer?  What unique and rewarding experiences are possible for those both inside your organization and those on the outside?  What challenges are you and/or your organization facing that can be reframed as adventurous possibilities?

If you find yourself pondering similar questions around your own unique adaptive challenges, connect with me here or find me on LinkedIn. Let’s explore how you and/or your organization can experience life to the fullest and engage in positive, transformative change.




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