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Change management

Doing business in the midst of the forces of environmental, social and technological change means organizations must regularly re-evaluate what their markets and customers are seeking. Jim brings extensive education and experience in the principals of organization development to facilitate change efforts.

80% of change efforts in organizations continue to fall short of their desired outcomes, but Jim brings methods to shape change in a more organic and inclusive way. Instead of a typical top-down approach, forcing change through the organization, Jim advocates a holistic methodology to transformation, allowing non-profits and public sector organizations to serve their communities better, and private companies to identify the heart of their customer’s wants, needs, pain points and emotional desires.

Asking questions focused on the community or end user leads to unconventional thinking and expanded possibilities. Organizations aren’t promoting a widget or service — they’re providing hope, beauty, possibility, dreams, youth or aspiration. With a change in mindset new answers and solutions emerge.