Chatting About Change with Dr. Jim Maddox

Chatting About Change is a podcast about organizational change, helping individuals and organizations experience life to the fullest, and engaging in positive, transformational change. Dr. Jim Maddox is a university professor, organizational development consultant and change strategist. Each episode he engages in conversations with a guest from diverse backgrounds around the topic of change.

Guiding Change in Zoos and Conservation Organizations

My guest, Michael Clifford, combines a unique skill with his expertise in zoo science and organization development & change.  He currently serves as the Curator of Innovation and Partnerships for GLMV Architecture, a creative design firm and is also the Executive Director at Capacity Ministries.  We discuss how he leverages his passions and skills to guide zoos, conservation-type organizations and other unique organizations, to effectively manage change.  

Lessons in leadership and Human Empathy from COVID-19

As the Chief People Officer for Thrive Restaurant Group, my guest, Ryan Bond, talks about putting the Human back into Human Resources and how we can create healthy organizations that truly meet people’s needs.  Ryan talks about how we need to shift from the organizational model of “Create wealth to fulfill wants” and pivot to a model based upon “health and needs”.  

Use of self, Organization Development, and compassion in a virtual world.

This week we are exploring the intersection of Organization Development and society and helping create a more equitable and compassionate world.  My guest is Matt Minahan from the Washington D.C. area.  Matt is an organization strategy and design consultant, committed to removing the gap between human potential and the human condition.

The pursuit and achievement of excellence and happiness

What does the pursuit and achievement of excellence and happiness during unprecedented challenges look like?  Well, my guest this week is Christina Unrein, who is a clarity & happiness coach for achievement-driven Leaders.  She shares with us a wealth of ideas, perspectives, and insights around the possibilities all around us.

Technical trends during COVID-19

My guest for this episode is Karen Long.  Karen is an independent writer and web designer.  We chat about some of technical trends during COVID-19.  We explore some the cultural change occurring in this arena as well as some marketing challenges and opportunities.

Guiding change in family businesses

My guest for this podcast is Daniel White.  Daniel is a Strategic Planner, EOS Implementer, Family Business Consultant, and Succession Planner at Allen, Gibbs & Houlik, L.C.  We chat about the dynamics around guiding change in family businesses in the midst of the additional challenges from COVID-19.

Perspectives on organizational culture and national culture from Santiago, Chile

My guest for this episode is Claudia Raffo.  Claudia is a Strategic Relationship Expert, International Business Consultant, and Senior Business Coach.  She lives in the Santiago Province of Chile and frequently travels around the globe.  We discuss various perspectives on organizational culture and national culture and some of the adaptive challenges we are all facing.

Higher Education, a Pandemic, and Transformation

My guest for this episode is Dr. Jay Johnson.  Jay is the Associate Provost at Northwest Missouri State University and an avid KC sports fan.  We talk about the changing landscape of higher education and the absence of Royals’ baseball.

Organization Development Perspectives from South Africa

My guest for this episode is Michelle De Bruyn.  She is the Managing Director: South Africa at Kaiser Economic Development Partners.  We discuss regional and global economies the challenges around organization development during times of uncertainty and upheaval.

Mindfulness, Therapy, and Change

My guest for this episode is Scott Spradlin, a DBT Therapist, author, and mindfulness guru.  Scott shares his insights around the intersection of Dialectic Behavior Therapy and organizational change.  We discuss the changing landscape of telehealth, particularly mental health, and the role of mindfulness in organizational change.