Guide cultural transformation

Jim works with organizations to help them understand their current culture and to articulate and identify their desired culture. Then he helps them co-create a path to culture of possibility — a vibrantly healthy culture where people are engaged and excited to go to work. Immersed in collaboration they’re happy and fulfilled. They feel like their needs are heard, their ideas are important and they’re a part of something bigger than themselves. Communication across hierarchies is free-flowing and open to the point that the sense of levels disappears. Even within a hierarchy, people feel respected and valued as human beings within a healthy culture. 

Employee engagement and organizational self-esteem

Jim helps organizations create a space of openness, trust and authenticity so the flow of communication between leaders and organization members is open and free, and the sense of internal levels disappears. People feel heard, respected and confident that their views and opinions matter. They’re valued as human beings.

Whole systems approach