Mindful leadership development and coaching

Healthy leaders build dynamic organizations. Whether developing new leaders or expanding the skills of ones already in place, Jim brings energy and thought-provoking questions and methodologies, inspiring leaders to relate to members of the organization in new ways. For leaders with a larger vision of who they want to be, and a desire to make a difference in the world, Jim helps them identify and create opportunities to connect with and impact their audiences. He believes it shouldn’t take a crises to stimulate people and organizations to rise up to help one another.

Jim is a coach and a guide for leaders who want to create healthy organizations that are compassionate, caring and making a difference. He provides the openings and space for leaders to practice appreciation, inclusion and mindfulness, engaging in transformative conversations for the greater good.

Coaching philosophy

Jim works with leaders on an ongoing basis to develop resiliency, build their capacity and establish a personal presence. Really effective leaders, like great sports coaches, have a strong personal presence, a calm demeanor that is grounded in the current moment. Being a mindful leader means consciously choosing how we construct meaning from our experiences and going beyond our own default settings. It’s knowing the difference between setting an intention and setting a goal — intentions have to do with an internal state, such as being calm in stressful situations, more able to tune into other’s feelings or expanding your capacity for listening, authenticity and empathy.