Organizations aren’t going back to “normal” and that is a good thing.
By Jim Maddox,
March 9, 2021

My guest this episode is Dave Jamieson, who is the president of the Jamieson Consulting Group, a visiting professor at a number of universities.  He is the author of multiple books including the Handbook for Strategic HR: Best Practices in OD, The Facilitator’s Fieldbook and Consultation for Organizational Change Revisited. The companies that are thriving and growing are having to make significant changes.  No organization really knows what is on the other side of the bridge.  We discuss the role of creativity and innovation in creating a business in a new way.  We aren’t going back to normal.  A lot of the population doesn’t want to go back to normal.  Normal was not working for a lot of individuals.  Dave shares his ideas around the need for companies to have inclusive participation, because leaders can’t know it all.  “There used to be a lot more that was known by somebody and now, there’s a lot less that is known by anybody.”  The need has never been greater for all organizational members to have ownership in the changes occurring and be co-creators of their shared futures.